Chien suédois de Laponie

Zweedse Lappenhond

Swedish Lapphund

Svensk Lapphund


M''Raude - Mika Chagall & Margaux (19/01/2014)


The name of our kennel « Sami-Ursus » comes from Sami (lapp) who from the beginning used the Swedish lapphund

to guard and to protect the flock of reindeers and “ursus” means bear.


In Belgium, we are the first importer and breeder.

In 2007, we imported from France our first male Mundiwindi’s Chagall Black Angel. In 2010, we imported from Sweden our female Cahppès M’Raude en in 2013 we were very proud to have our first litter of puppies (5 puppies).


The Swedish Lapphund is a medium sized dog of Spitz.

Lively, friendly and affectionate, the lapphund is attentive and willing to work.

A versatile dog, he suits obedience, agility and herding work, tracking, and loves water.

Quiet indoors, he adapts to apartment life but when he goes out ....

He is a nice friend to children and also to other pets.

His fur doesn’t need too much grooming, but during the moulting period, his fur needs to be brushed every 2-3 days.

We could talk for hours.

This is a dog that deserves to be known and recognized.