Chagall black Angel


Chien suédois de Laponie

Zweedse Lappenhond

Swedish Lapphund

Svensk Lapphund



Mundiwindi's Chagall Black Angel


Chagall, nicknamed Chagalou, is our first Lapphund.

After reading an article in " Vos chiens magazines (a dog magazine)" and surfing the Internet,

it was love at first sight as much for the morphology of the dog as for his character.

This is the dog that suits us best!


Wallois Valérie’s breeding, Mundiwindi's, helped us realize our dream.

We can never thank Valérie enough for giving us so much happiness in discovering this dog breed!


Chagalou has a wonderful character: kind, gentle, loving. Keen to catch mice, grasshoppers. His greatest pleasure is to dig holes in search of a small animal.

A very good watch dog who makes himself heard ... which bothers my neighbor a little when he comes home late at night. Very curious to learn new things, but do not ask him to do the same exercise three times ... With strong but well balanced character; he never turns against anyone.

Impressive when he bares his beautiful teeth! Smart with his long silky coat and bushy tail! Greedy as can be! Always ready for walks, swimming, chasing butterflies, etc..

And our favorite moment, THE icing on the cake: in the evening, he puts his paw on our lap, looking at us with his sparkling eyes, desperate to be pampered ...


In a word it's our Teddy!











Mâle né le 14/02/2007


PRCD-PRA: A Fri/Normal/Clear


Père : Cahppes Ruomas

Mère : Cahppes Vilda

Producteur : M. & Mme Wallois



Hungaria Champion (2008)

Champion de France (2009)

Champion de Luxembourg (2009)

Champion international(2009)

Champion de Belgique (2009)

Deutcher Champion VDH (2009)

Champion de Slovaquie (2009)

Nederlands kampioen (2009)

Top Lappund 2009

Champion de Croatie (2010)

Champion Suisse (2010)

Champion de Beauté de Monaco (2011)





Pédigree Mundiwindi's Chagall Black Angel